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Our Essay Proofreading service will make your work more efficient and free from English errors.


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  • Consistency of your argument
  • Grammar usage
  • Spelling and punctuation mistakes
  • Formatting and layout
  • Style format and consistency
  • Format references list

Anybody who has ever used a spell checker for can confirm that this feature does not find some misspelt lexical items. However, spell checkers are not highly efficient. They cannot identify inconsistencies in the text and nearly always ignore inappropriate vocabulary. It is a good idea to use a spell checker in any document you work on. However, if the document is significant and time consuming for you, it's important to have an independent reviewer.

Proofreading Services  professional team of proofreaders ensure the distinction and perfection of your essay, dissertation, thesis and any other academic document in terms of style, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar. That will make your work stand out!

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Proofreading Services

When you sned your essay to a university, your level of writing in English is the only means by which you are able to show up. Proofreading Serviceshelps to make the difference in this respect. Our essay proofreading team support students and PhD researchers to improve the quality of their work. We use high requirements to our academic editors: all our proofreaders are experienced researchers holding a PhD as well as having different published papers. You may have different reasons for your essay to be proofread.


Editing as a factor of Professional Practice of International Students

The global development of information technologies leads to their full-scale integration into the students' world. Therefore, essay in English play a leading role in training student's professional skills in the English language communication. Appropriate and competent handling of the essay or other documents by an English proofreader enables quick and prompt implementation of any business project, both locally and internationally. The foreign language proofreader is quicker and more competent in finding all mistakes and drawbacks in the text, which may adversely affect correct data interpretation.

This is the best option of essay processing as it saves time to fulfill other tasks and projects to be done by modern students: chemists, medical students, physicists, biologists, geographers, mathematicians etc. Any essay or report, related to student's professional activities, requires good translation or proofreading to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies, which will be corrected by the professional foreign language proofreader. In addition, the impact of English on the modern student community is predetermined historically and geographically. The history of many national cultures worldwide has been influenced by the British culture, as Britain was a mother country for a long time. English is an official language in a number of countries. Increasing mobility enabling people to moveabroad for work or study, also implies correct and clear translation, which can be provided by the English language proofreader. The importance of this issue is associated with receiving visas, work or study permits, interviews at the embassy, visiting friends or family. The development communication in English within the international student community increases the chances for successful implementation of the student's potential capabilities.

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Academic Proofreading & Editing Services

Academic Proofreading will ensure that your written essay is absolutely English grammar error free.

Academic Proofreading

It's important to remember that about 20% of any marks are given for English grammar. Therefore, do not allow spelling drop your academic marks or give way the impression of your essay.