What is a proofreader and what they do ?

It does not matter how long you were writing you Essay, Dissertation or Report, you cannot be absolutely sure that you saw all your mistake. You can not depend on Microsoft Word spell check. Microsoft Word will check only errors but not sense. We all make mistakes, as well as a proofreader. Writing up a Dissertation or Essay we always make mistakes or errors. Factors influencing the presence of mistakes in the text a lot. You must admit, spelled the correct text is read much better than a with mistakes and you need to get rid of such little things.
Built-in spell checker in Microsoft Word leaves much to be desired, at least for me. You can install the plug-in to check the spelling, but would you use the service , especially when you need only check the text for errors. There is an option to use Word, but it seems to me that he is with the English is not friendly. Check the text on the error can be special services, which in the Internet a huge number. But not all of them providing a good service. Our proofreaders are all native English speakers who knows how to make you document error free.

The proofreader reads texts before release them in the press about spelling, punctuation, stylistic and technical errors. He notes the found errors the special proof-reading symbols giving information to the maker-up about what symbols need to be put instead of the wrong.

As proofreaders graduates of philological, linguistic faculties of higher education institutions can work. But this profession is very specific. There are even courses on which train in proof-reading skill. But to become the professional proofreader many years of practice and special talent — in English a large number of rules, and still bigger quantity of exceptions to the rules, unreasonable be required by logic laws.


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