What is it Translation or proofreading?

The market of services of language translation swells and grows with each passing day. All of the new and incredible new opportunities, technologies and concepts offer the customer the foreign translation agencies. Abroad, this sector developed a much stronger position variety of services. However, this does not mean that each Agency has a great staff for the additional service: designers, programmers, artists, writers, copy-writers, Proofreading Service etc., just to the West of the well-developed system of relations between special oriented offices; by the way, and the out-sourcing of well developed.

The policy of large companies involves the translation of the texts only native speakers (of course, this does not apply various standardized materials, forms and shapes). So, on the one away weights we put the translation by a native speaker (i.e. for example, an Englishman, who taught English at the University), and on the other-the translation is not a native speaker plus, the authentic proofreading (high-class specialist makes the translation into a non-native language, then the language media checks and edits it work). Personally, we always support option # 2, because the quality of (literacy and lexical component) is not worse, and often better. As for the price, it is fundamentally below. The truth is that among English translators there are a large number of the finest specialists, for example, in the English language, and among the British and Americans gifted English language teachers can be counted on the fingers of one hand. However, pay for their services can not everyone.

Option "translation and proofreading" more profitable: for example, proofreading American proofreads job English translator, taking into account all the nuances and peculiarities of the native language, but for this he does not need a diploma as a English interpreter. He makes some minor revisions and receives a fee for review of that in times less, than if the customer would pay for work of a certified English-Translator.