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It is not easy to express ideas and concepts fluently in writing, and many people struggle to get their thoughts on paper in a coherent fashion.


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Proofreading Services can help you to express your ideas fluently! Our team of expert proofreaders and editors make sure that regardless of what kind of document or material of daily life is required, it meets the 'fit-for-purpose' standard and brings across the author's ideas in a coherent and clear manner. The team also provides a "fresh eye" on the document and a view from the outside, thus producing the text in a way that it was intended to be.

We are a rapidly growing proofreading company, whose success has mainly been due to the skills and competence of our qualified team, consisting of academics and professionals, and also owing to the enthusiasm we work with.

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Editing and Proofreading Services

Our qualified proofreaders correct bad grammar, including punctuation, spelling, number, verb tense, and syntax. Submitted texts are reviewed in terms of the use of grammar, their cohesion and coherence. Our editors ensure that author’s original meaning is not altered in any way and his/her ideas are clear and explicit in the document. The vast experience of our editing team enables it to maintain a high quality standard while dealing with business documents. All our proofreaders are native English speakers.


There are numerous dedicated websites, providing these proofreading services. However, it is necessary to select thoroughly since the quality of the text depends on the adequate choice of the English proofreader, who will provide translation and proofreading services., Google search engine most often shows an abundance of websites on the English language translation and proofreading. A potential customer should pay special attention to the website rating, its position in the search line, as well as customer feedback. The more frequently visited the website is, the higher is its rating, the more competitive and successful it is on the market.


All our customers are satisfied – owing to our win-win approach: if the author is unhappy with the proofreading services provided, we offer his/her a refund or re-proofread the text for free.