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Our team of business proofreaders are specialising in helping companies. We will guarantee that your business documents are easy to understand.


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Business documents are the first impression any business company makes to the public. Any business letter, or another written piece of information shows the company, especially when it is intended to reach to the potential business customers. Perfect document raises a professional image which is brought to customers and clients, thus it is crucial to any successful business. Our team of business proofreaders supports individuals and corporations with tremendous and ensures that every business document of the client, meets the highest level of standards and will be completed by satisfying in a short time.

Business outlines are very important for the progress of business. Our proofreaders fully analyze your business outlines and make it more compelling for the target audience. Our proofreading team ensures that your business outline includes: appropriate English usage.

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Proofreading Services for Businesses and Organisations

Proofreading Services is proud of its experts in proofreading. We have a number of proofreaders with long and rich experience ,which enables them to produce high quality business documents.


What basically influences correct spelling, text and proofreading

The quality of writing, its formatting, further translation and proofreading equally depend on both the author and the proofreader, and on different thematic text elements, its cohesion and coherence etc. The key factor of creating a quality text is in addressing a professional proofreader, who will properly process the text, correct it, including its translation into English, considering grammar, use of English, spelling and other aspects. Normally, a good translator, a linguist and a proofreader is a native speaker of English. It creates opportunities to take into account language specific features, dialects, and slang. For example, in the UK the Welsh and Scots have different dialects, including local lexical and phraseological units.

Generally, when analysing a business document from the not-native English speakers, we should note that in order to get a quality English, which can be easily understood and interpreted by the recipient English native speakers it is important to consider the importance of selecting a proofreader, who will be able to improve and refine the document.


Your business image can be affected by small English mistakes and grammatical errors. Let us ensure that your written business document faithfully and correctly reflects the quality of your business.