Posted on 7th Jan 2016 01:39:16 in Proofreading

The first thing you need to pay attention - this is too great expectations in the short term. Today's advertising courses for the study of foreign languages ​​is quite contradictory, therefore there is a lot of proofreading services to help. If you see in advertisements learning a foreign language for two weeks, then immediately have to understand the absurdity of such a proposal. For such a short time it is impossible to learn either one foreign language or English or German or Chinese. Only in one year gain and strenuous activities can be from zero to reach an acceptable level of knowledge of a foreign language.

Then what you need to pay attention - this is a correct statement of the purpose and motivated English language. If an incorrect statement of the purpose and unmotivated to learn English, that is, if the language is to study just because it is fashionable, in this case there is no clear goal and motivation. Formed real goal - the study of the English language to get a new job, a promising increase in the corporate ladder, improvement of their skills abroad, study at a prestigious university abroad for tourist travel, communicate with friends and colleagues from abroad via Skype, trip to trip. At this stage should be clearly formed purpose, it is necessary to understand what benefits and what benefits you bring new knowledge in the English language.


Whatever the initial stage of training to avoid common mistakes, you need to properly organize their training and use proofreading service. Recently noticed that the most popular and dangerous mistake is to over-focus on grammar. According to recent reports, too intensive study of grammar is bad for speech abilities of students. Then the next important factor. Live speaking and communication in real time is very fast, and English grammar can be difficult to understand the logic. The result creates a gap in the formation of proposals in a short time, you will have little time to reminisce and find hundreds of memorized rules just to speak. The best way to learn English grammar, to understand it intuitively and subconsciously. This can be achieved if you actively communicate with foreigners listening to correct English speech. More communicate with teachers on Skype, watching movies in the original, listen to music. In conjunction with the study of grammar such communication we can achieve a good result in optimal speech. Given the innovative and technological advanced features of software, you can provide a very good level of speaking, reading, writing. Knowledge of grammatical rules, their understanding and use, will make it possible to form a well-spoken English language.


There is an opinion that it is sufficient to examine only the formal part of books and textbooks. This method of training is required only if the purpose of learning English is the delivery of a serious international exam. If the goal is to learn a good conversation, greatly improve your knowledge and you need to remember about other methods of learning English. In everyday conversation and communication, English speakers are almost arcane phrases that get into serious books and textbooks. If the goal is to implement a real knowledge of the English language, you need to remember about learning idioms, phrasal verbs and slang.