Posted on 7th Jan 2016 01:41:33 in Proofreading

Making the right choice of training method in the study of the English language, many students mistakenly believe and expect only to teachers and courses at language schools. This leads to irregular work organization. When training, you need to tune in primarily on their own resources and capabilities, and a good tutor always will you need professional help. Just a good self-study and training, has successfully engaged in a course with a teacher and a good homework and tasks. Just depends on you a serious approach to learning. The best tool in this respect is to read, focus on memorizing ready-made phrases, instead of studying the lexical units. This teaching method is used for small children. If you recall, we do not memorized as a child-like design «do-did-done»? As soon as practiced and memorized whole phrases and sentences. At this stage it is not memorization of particular difficulty.

Another mistake is the lack of education factor binding material studied. If the correct approach to the study of a foreign language, you have to follow the rule "less, but better." The first mistake in training is that the newly learned phrase that you can remember in a month. Our brain is designed so that the unused and unneeded information, he simply throws. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to find time for that would repeat the studied material several times at regular intervals. As an example of such a repetition can suggest the following, the first iteration of a day, the next 3-4 days and one week later. This method will provide important knowledge in securing long-term memory, and, if necessary, take advantage of them without any problems. To repeat, a good use of writing different texts on any - any subjects. Try to learn poems and short stories by heart. All this will provide a good memorization and repetition of words and phrases. If you just read and translate, it would contribute to the overall development of spoken language.


Consider at what stage should appear conversational speech. The accelerated method of learning foreign languages ​​hold that begin to speak English is necessary from the very first sessions. Such premature speaking can be compared with a situation where a child who is just beginning to get acquainted with the speech of others, immediately forced to talk. This factor clearly does not give positive results. If there is no specific vocabulary and knowledge base, you will not get nothing but frustration and negativity in the study of English language courses, or with the teacher. In this regard, competent and professional tutors focus attention on listening to audio recordings of students trained native speakers. When will already gained certain knowledge base, the amount of words, you will feel how easy they started to talk in English.

An important criterion at any stage of learning is the organization and discipline. Disorganization and absenteeism, lack of graphics and specific teaching methods, the constant change of teachers and courses - in this version you are clear gaps and problems in the qualitative study of the English language. In order to achieve a good success in teaching must correctly and competently manage your time. If your training takes place on their own, you need to plan your lessons so that lessons would be held at least 3-4 times a week, preferably every day. Otherwise, tangible and real progress will be very difficult to achieve. Your generated training schedule, with the exact time of the beginning and end of sessions will facilitate the proper and timely perception of educational material. This schedule must specify the short-term goals that you are going to achieve in the English language. We have to work strictly according to the established plan without absenteeism. Read more about Education and learning