General methodology of scientific creativity and proofreading

Posted on 9th Apr 2017 13:05:55 in Proofreading

It is very important for beginning researchers not only to know well the main points characterizing the thesis as a qualifying scientific work, but also to have at least the most general idea of ​​the methodology of scientific creativity, for, as modern educational practice of higher educational institutions shows, such researchers at the first steps to mastering.

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Error analysis in the initial stage of learning English: Part 2

Posted on 7th Jan 2016 01:42:53 in Proofreading

The pronunciation of each language in its peculiar way. For example, the pronunciation of English and Russian language differs, heard about this one. Getting a good pronunciation does not guarantee a good knowledge of grammar, possession of a good vocabulary and the use of all this knowledge into practice. 

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Education and learning

Posted on 7th Jan 2016 01:41:33 in Proofreading

Education and learning is always overcoming obstacles and setbacks. Against this background, there is a danger of cycling instructors and students from their mistakes, which leads to a negative perception of this training. If you constantly and thoughtlessly seek to perfect the ideal of infallible teaching, we must remember that even native speakers allow for inaccuracies in his speech. In the process of overcoming this negativity is to focus on the process of communication and language learning. The main objective - is to learn to communicate and share their own thoughts so that they would be understood by those with whom you are communicating. And after a while, you will see that no longer avoid past mistakes.

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Error analysis in the initial stage of learning English.

Posted on 7th Jan 2016 01:39:16 in Proofreading

In this article, we will analyze and consider the common and common mistakes when learning English. The process of learning English - it's very time-consuming and meticulous process, but it is an achievable and doable task. In order to get a desired result, must be properly and thoroughly to organize their schedules and optimize their work to eliminate common mistakes, because of which created the problem and the reasons which prevent to achieve good results, even the most diligent and persistent people.

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