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We ensure your essay, thesis, PhD dissertation, paper, report, or any other academic document is grammatically error-free and perfectly written.


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Many of our customers are international student who, as researches and scientists, wish to submit for examination their work in the English language. Our academic proofreading team has an in-depth understanding of your requirements as a student. Your essay, dissertation & thesis will be carefully proofread, and we will correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the writing.

Our proofreading team consists of highly educated native English speakers with scientific editing and proofreading experience in a wide range of academic fields. We will correct the most English mistakes and grammatical errors in the writing that you sned to us. Also, your document will be checked for spelling mistakes and meet the requirements of any university article guidelines .

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Our academic proofreading team proofreads and edits your essay, dissertation, theses (PhD etc.), and various other papers at competitive rates, as well as completes the work on time meeting the tightest deadlines.


Proofreading as a factor of Professional Activities of International Students

The ongoing globalization in today’s world, embracing economic, political, technological, cultural and other fields encourages the search for their optimal interaction. One of the key factors in these communications is the English language, since it has long been generally accepted as the language of international communication in various life activities of the whole modern world.

In this context, it is reasonable to consider the role of English in the international student community, identification of its purposes in professional activities. The international student exchange programmes, widely applied nowadays, enable to share knowledge, experience, culture, technologies etc. Therefore, the English language prevails in writing research papers and articles, theses, graduation papers, applications to universities worldwide. For the above purposes the quality of academic proofreading service is crucial and decisive since the market economy requires self-positioning as a specialist in order to start a career in the modern society. Contemporary realities make it possible to use the English language actively in any professional field. When writing a thesis or a graduation papers, it is vital to use English vocabulary, grammar, and spelling properly so as to avoid any misunderstanding and achieve the purpose, i.е. to be admitted to a university, employed after a successful job interview, or to be able to fill in various application forms etc.

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Academic Proofreading Services will ensure that your essay, dissertation or theses is absolutely grammatically error free.

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An important fact to be kept in mind is that about 15% of any marks are given for spelling and grammar. Thus, do not allow spelling drawbacks ruin your academic marks or spoil the impression of your company.